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3rd Tour STAFF column及PHOTO REPORT所在地

Translated by uchihamel

The keyword is~
“oui” ^^

It’s finally here! The first day of YUI 3rd Tour 2008 “oui” ~I LOVED YESTERDAY~☆
YUI, the staff members, as well as everyone, it’s the opening of the long-awaited live.
Man~ feeling nervous.

Is it becoming a tradition?! Kicking off the 25 live performances in Fukuoka!!!
For this tour which will be taking place over a period of 3 months, we would appreciate everyone’s support!
With the aim of making a superb live with a sense of togetherness in mind, let’s get started!

A snapshot of the rehearsal scene the other day

4180-1 3rd Tour Staff Column 5.5.jpg

3rd Tour Staff Column 5/5/2008

1, 2, 3rd tour!!

Finally, today (05/05) is the day which YUI 3rd tour 2008 “oui” ~I LOVED YESTERDAY~ starts off, beginning from Fukuoka’s sun palace!! Thank you for the many shout outs in the Diary comment section as well as the Message Board.
We are also very grateful for the power which everyone around the nation has given us.
Many thanks to everyone!!

From today onwards, during the period of the 3rd tour, we will be reporting news here instead of the usual section for the photo report. As we would like people who did not manage to come to the tour this time round to be able to express their thoughts as well, please do take a look at this section, and if you would kindly (although this might be too much to request) send your thoughts too, we would be very happy indeed!!

Alrighty~ since today is the first day, we organized a purification ceremony in order to pray for success and that all would go well for the tour.

The last crucial part left is to generate everyone’s power!
Could everyone from all over the nation train their sight onto Fukuoka sun palace, just like the brightness of the stars!!?
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

4254 3rd Tour Staff Column 5.5.jpg

Of course, the atmosphere in the venue is still…

This live is definitely a chance for I LOVED YESTERDAY to gain new “wings”. These are “wings” which come from everyone, and can only exist along with everyone! Let’s Fly!!

PS. This Photo Report is comment enabled. We await everyone’s wonderful comments. However, we do have one little request. As there are still people who have not viewed the concert yet, please refrain from revealing details such as the set list or the MC parts. Let’s all have fun~
And at this point, while putting this up online, the Fukuoka performance has concluded… Thank you everyone~!!

3rd Tour Staff Column 6/5/2008

Good evening everyone ^^

The performance in Fukuoka has safely concluded without any hiccups!
I think it was a very warm, and also a bonding live.
To everyone who came down to Fukuoka sun palace! Thank you very much.
YUI had a great time.

4261 3rd Tour Staff Column 6.5.jpg

The image is the PA table as well as the PA. (right in the midst of rehearsal)

I wonder for what reason is he wearing the staff T-shirt meant for the Budokan performace last year...(laugh)
He better wear the “oui” T-shirt during the real live.(laugh)

Of course… After the live, it will be a delicious meal...
We had motsu nabe today!

4260 3rd Tour Staff Column 6.5.jpg

It was a lip smacking taste which seemed to make our cheeks feel like they were going to fall.
The miso taste was the greatest~ Felt so blessed.
It’s another happy day today!

3rd Tour Staff Column 7/5/2008

We made a round! Good morning everyone ^^

Alright, today’s the Oita performance. The weather’s looking fine too. The YUI team, after reaching Oita sometime yesterday, Went to 2 places in Jigoku meguri.

~Bouzu jigoku and Umi jigoku~

Although it looks cooling at a glance, the temperature is actually 98 degrees.
Felt the greatness of nature!
We experienced Ashiyuu (for feet) and hot springs, and ended it off with ramune (a drink)! (laugh)

4293 3rd tour Staff Column 7.5.2008.jpg

For dinner, we had sashimi, toriten and dango jiru~
This was really delicious as well ^^
Being such an onsen dumbass?! I forgot to take pictures of the food ^^;

3rd Tour Staff Column 8/5/2008

Kyushu is lovely isn’t it.
Oui~ says everyone ^^

We had a great time at iichiko grand theater last night.
To everyone who came to the venue, did you all have fun?
Looked up at the ceiling after hearing YUI’s call of “Let’s all get high till the extent of breaking through the ceiling!”… it was really high. (laugh)

And has this become a routine!? Tonight’s dinner!
We ate at this store ran all alone by a female owner who made local cuisine.
It was delicious.
The picture shows tempura, and within it, toriten (is it difficult to understand)
Deeper inside there is OOO ^^

4400 3rd Tour Staff Column 8.5.2008.jpg

Thank you for the delicious meal.

3rd Tour Staff Column 9/5/2008

More local delicacies again. We ate horse sashimi, spicy lotus roots, taiipien etc. YUI’s eyes watered a little due to the spice… Namidairo… With all our appetites increasing, it seems like we will all gain weight during this Kyushu tour ^^; Gotta be more careful… yup.

In addition, did everyone listen to YUI Locks? With a change of the venue, this time the class was hosted in Kumamoto! YUI-sensei’s kokonotsu “nu” shuu was hilarious wasn’t it? (pun) It was also an enjoyable lesson wasn’t it? ^^ To the staff at FM Kumamoto, we are grateful for your care. Thank you.

4412 3rd Tour Staff Column 9.5.2008.jpg

3rd Tour Staff Column 11/5/2008

Wohoho ^^

Good day everyone~
We did enjoy the Kyushu lives.
To people who came to the concert venue as well people who have always supported us!
Thank you very much!

Team YUI will continue to advance ahead ^^
We hope for your continuous support. m(__)m
Today’s merchandise sale scene…

4420 3rd Tour Staff Column 11.5.2008.jpg

Many people joined the queue.
Did everyone manage to get their favorite goods?
Thank you.

And, this is the first time creating such a column.
It’s live images.
The view from the side of the stage during the second half of the concert.

3rd Tour Staff Column 15/5/2008

Very happy.

Good morning everyone ^^
Yesterday night’s live at Sapporo Kousei Nenkin Kaikan rocked! We managed to experience a warm atmosphere.
Our heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone.

To people who queued in the rain early in the day, are you all alright?
We pray that everyone would be happy today as well ^^
As YUI team arrived right on the day of the live, sight seeing report!?
None at all...

4520 3rd Tour Staff Column 15.5.2008.jpg

The person who is sitting cross-legged in the center of the stage where the lighting is focused at is… YUI...
But she can’t be seen right.
This is truly kamikakushi (spirited away)!
Just kidding, you will be able to see her from the seats ^^

4521 3rd Tour Staff Column 15.5.2008.jpg

3rd Tour Staff Column 20/5/2008


Good evening everyone ^^
Pardon me for the short absence.
The live at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall ended with great success!
Everyone’s cheers filled the hall.
Thank you very much.

YUI’s mood was high too.
Images from behind the scenes!?

4530 3rd tour Staff Column 20.5.2008.jpg

YUI’s dressing room for today. Inside the room it’s a little... (laugh)
Of course, there are member and staff rooms too.

And without fail after the live is! Delicious food!

4532-1 3rd tour Staff Column 20.5.2008.jpg
4531 3rd tour Staff Column 20.5.2008.jpg

3rd Tour Staff Column 28/5/2008

Nagano~ Takamatsu~
Good morning everyone.
Presenting the YUI team, who just entered Kochi last night ^^

The other day was the Nagano performance! Nagano, our first stop ashore and we also went to pray at Zenkoji on the day before the live.

The back view is... She’s wearing a hoodie eh. ^^

46503 3rd Tour Staff Column 28.5.2008.jpg

Somehow! There was a vending machine selling good luck charms!!!
First time seeing this! A discovery ^^
After the praying it was the standard meal.
Shinshuu soba and Ozawana (vegetable) etc… And inago (locusts) ^^;;;
The so-called batta (locusts)!?

I understand that it is rich in protein and calcium,
But it does require some courage to eat it doesn’t it???
YUI picked off one too and ate it but... became namidairo after that...
For me, I ate quite a lot as I wanted increase my nourishment ^^;

And then after a few days in between, yesterday was the Takamatsu performance!
We arrived right on the day itself from Takamatsu Airport and went to Takamatsu Sun port Hall.
Along the way, there were barley fields and tranquil looking mountains right across from us.

46514 3rd Tour Staff Column 28.5.2008.jpg

YUI-LINES Tour Finale Report

(Translated by depyon)

Hello everyone.

It's been a long three months full of live concerts, and I shall be writing a summary report on the live tour. I'm Icchi, one of the YUI Staff. Please guide me along.

In all, there were 25 live concerts, with the live tour ending on 19th July at Osaka Grand Cube, followed by the annual "ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL", and finally the summer festival, "Matsurina".

Report for Nation-wide Tour Finale.

YUI has entered the fourth year since her debut. She has held a live tour each time an album has been released, but this time, it's one with the largest scale ever. The live tour, that was kick-started in May, came to an end today (the last day of live tour). From the front stage to the backstage, a mixture of feelings of excitement, nervousness and loneliness, lingered in the atmosphere.

As the curtain was raised, the buzzling noises from the audiences augmented. The fervour from the audiences was mixed with a sense of anxiety, that was different from normal. As the lights dimmed, pictures appeared on the screen at the back of the stage. A collage of YUI's street performance at Tenjin Station, bits and pieces of her Music Videos, was displayed on the screen. "The past until today" seemed to be the opening theme that fitted the title "I Loved Yesterday". The live then started.

"te wo nobashite"

Appearing together with the band members, YUI screamed "OSAKA!", and started playing the first song "Laugh Away". Her expression was volatile, and her distance from the audience was closer than usual, as if showing her determination to enjoy the last concert. Just before the chorus, while singing "te wo nobashite", as she stretched out her right arm to the audiences, the audiences mimicked the action, stretching out all the arms, as if trying to grab something ahead of them. The second song 'My Generation' followedly shortly, continued by "Free Bird". From all over the hall, voices calling for "YUI!YUI!" echoed throughout. And YUI replied promptly, "This is the tour finale, let's enjoy it together!" At the split-second, screams engulfed the entire hall.

"CHE.R.RY", "Find Me", "I will love you" followed in good rhythm, as the crystal-clear voice of YUI pierced through the concert hall. With accuracy and rich expression, YUI supported her own voice with her acoustic guitar, as she showered each lyric with her feelings and experience. As if searching her memory, various images of herself appeared, giving YUI a feeling of self-assurance.

"Summer holidays start from today.... so does "Po-nyo po-nyo" (A new Ghibli movie called "Gake no ue no Ponyo" by Director Miyazaki Hayao)", YUI cracked a joke, triggering a string of laughters in the audience. She then performed the summer song of 2008, "Summer Song". As she sang "Makka na Blue da", red and blue lights fused together, achieving the effect of the joy of "watching and listening", that can be enjoyed only at live concerts. Then it proceeded to the highlight of the first half- Sitting back and listening to the Acoustic Songs Corner. "Understand", a song that brings about pieces of the fond memories of herself walking in the park, basking in the evening sun light. Simple lyrics, yet filled with meanings and memories that strikes the heart. Then it was the acoustic version of "Namidairo". From YUI's truest voice, one could feel the emotions overflowing from within. "My Friend and "Tokyo", two songs that illustrate her purest self, concluded the end of the first half. It was as if one had just finished watching a classic film.

On to the second half. As the audiences stand up once again, the tune of "How Crazy" elevated the mood of the audiences. Synchronized with the drum rolls of "Rolling Star", fireworks burst from the stage, transforming the concert hall into a live house. The string of "Rock Songs" that followed took the atmosphere to a climax. Then, as YUI's face was shown on the screen for the first time, her face was covered with her messy hair and her eyes looked sharp. She looked dazzling. In "Daydreamer", her strong emotions overwhelmed everyone, and touched everyone.


Even during the introduction of the band members, there was surprise hidden for YUI. The guitarist, Kaji-chan, sang "Happy 3rd Tour Otsukare" in the tune of "Happy Birthday to you you". It was a symbol of something YUI received in Tokyo- Friendship. "Love is all", "Highway Chance" followed as YUI earnestly burst out saying "Thank you, I'm really happy". From the truest expression of YUI, one could tell that she said it from the bottom of her heart.

In this set of songs, "Love is all", undoubtedly the highlight, was a song beautifully characterized by its high difficulty. Under the red lighting, YUI was struggling with every lyric. The answer I am looking for is just right ahead, but I want to live in my true self. Things that everyone has thought of, things that everyong has left behind. Just like how the snow piles up, the lyrics piled up in the heart. As the song proceeded, this accumulation of emotions continued till one feels buried under them. As the song ended, she finally found the assurance of the "Yuzurenai mono" (something that one will never give up). "Am I wrong" was the last song. It's a song that will grow in you, with both "determination" and "freedom" as themes. As she sang "Mamoru mono wa tatta hitotsu" (There is only one thing I will protect), everyone could feel her determination.

After the last song, encore inevitably followed. YUI reappeared on stage with the black and yellow "Hanshin Tigers" cap (Baseball team of Osaka). "I would like to sing a song that I haven't for a long time", YUI said, as she performed her second single "Tomorrow's Way". "Madowasaretakunai" (I dont want to be misguided) was a lyric in a song written 3 years ago, but the same emotion was evident in the previous song "Am I Wrong". As YUI grows and changes, the only thing that wouldnt change is her unwavering determination. Truly touching.

As the audiences jumped to the beat of "Help", the entire concert hall seemed as if it was bouncing up and down. "Oh Yeah" was next, as she whipped out a Matsuri fan, and interacted with the audiences with calls and responses relating to Osaka's famous goods such as Okonomiyaki. The atmosphere continued to escalate, and the atmosphere was filled with happiness. By the way, by the way, the other calls included "takoyaki", "ikayaki", "Billy Ken-san" etc. Even when her hat fell off, or when she stumbled on her words, the smile never vanished from her face. Of course, the entire concert hall was full of smiles too. Everyone in smiles, everyone clapping in rhythm, everyone shouting. It was perfect.

After "LIFE" ended, YUI was left on the stage with her last words. She said, "It doesnt feel like a finale, instead I feel as if I'm going for more live concerts tomorrow." Then, she started showing her gratitude to each band member and staff. All the staff united as one, it felt like a graduating class gathering in the homeroom for the last time. It was a mixture of happy and sad feelings.

Lastly, she performed the acoustic version of "Good-bye days", as the members brought bouquet of flowers up to the stage. It was a huge bouquet, almost covering YUI's whole body. She received them with a word of thanks, as she left the stage. On the screen, it showed the photographs of YUI and her staff after the day's rehearsals. It was a display only shown on the last performance. Emotions welled up from within. The third tour included places where YUI has never gone to, and thanks to this, she met fans whom she has never met before. It was a true success. It was a tour supported by all these little encounters. It was enjoyable. I would like to express my gratitude to YUI and all the fans.

To YUI, and all the fans... Thank you so much!!

Concert Venues and Dates

May 5 (Monday) - 22nd Street, Fukuoka Sun Palace, 17:30/18:00
May 7 (Wednesday) - 23rd Street, Oita Iichiko Grand Shutter, 18:00/18:30
May 9 (Friday) - 24th Street, Kumamoto Shiminkaikan, 18:00/18:30
May 14 (Wednesday) - 25th Street, Hokkaido Kosei Nenkin Kaikan, 17:45/18:30
May 18 (Sunday) - 26th Street, Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, 17:15/18:00
May 21 (Wednesday) - 27th Street, Ishikawa Nenkin Kaikan, 18:00/18:30
May 23 (Friday) - 28th Street, Nagano Kenmin Bunka Kaikan, 18:00/18:30
May 27 (Tuesday) - 29th Street, Sunport Hall Takamatsu, 18:00/18:30
May 28 (Wednesday) - 30th Street, Kochi-ken Kenmin Bunka Hall Orange Hall, 18:00/18:30
May 31 (Saturday) - 31st Street, Shizuoka Kenmin Bunka Kaikan, 17:30/18:00

Jun 03 (Tuesday) - 32nd Street, Oomiya Sonic City, 17:45/18:30
Jun 06 (Friday) - 33rd Street, Aichi-ken Geijutsu Gekijyou (Big Hall), 17:45/18:30
Jun 07 (Saturday) - 34th Street, Aichi-ken Geijutsu Gekijyou (Big Hall), 17:15/18:00
Jun11 (Wednesday) - 35th Street, Sendai Sunplaza Hall, 17:45/18:30
Jun 13 (Friday) - 36th Street, Morioka Shimin Bunka Hall (Marios), 18:00/18:30
Jun 15 (Sunday) - 37th Street, Aomori-shi Bunka Kaikan, 17:30/18:00
Jun 28 (Saturday) - 38th Street, Niigata Kenmin Kaikan, 17:30/18:00

Jul 02 (Wednesday) - 39th Street, Tokyo NHK Hall, 17:45/18:30
Jul 03 (Thursday) - 40th Street, Tokyo NHK Hall, 17:45/18:30
Jul 08 (Tuesday) - 41st Street, Kyoto Kaikan (First Hall), 18:00/18:30
Jul 09 (Wednesday) - 42nd Street, Kobe International Hall, 18:00/18:30
Jul 12 (Saturday) - 43rd Street, Kurashiki Shimin Kaikan, 17:30/18:00
Jul 14 (Monday) - 44th Street, Hiroshima Kosei Nenkin Kaikan, 18:00/18:30
Jul 18 (Friday) - 45th Street, Osaka International Conference Hall (Grand Cube), 17:45/18:30
Jul 19 (Saturday) - 46th Street, Osaka International Conference Hall (Grand Cube). 17:15/18:00

Shimin Kaikan: Residents Hall
Bunka Kaikan: Cultural Hall
Geijutsu Gekijyou: Arts Hall
(Kosei) Nenkin Kaikan: Welfare Pension Hall

Translations by depyon


YUIstalker http://community.livejournal.com/yuistalker/11920.html
YUI-LINES http://www.tfm.co.jp/lock/yui/2008live/080719/index.html