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CD Normal Edition Cover
Single by YUI
from the album HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE
Released October 5th, 2011
Genre J-Pop
Label Gr8 Records
Writer(s) YUI
YUI singles chronology
"HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~"
CD + DVD Limited Edition cover

"Green" is Japanese singer-songwriter YUI's twentieth single.

The A-Side "Green" was composed in the remembrance of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

The limited DVD includes HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ PV.

Track list

All songs written and composed by YUI. 

Track Title Length
1. "Green"    
2. "Let's face it"    
3. "HELLO ~YUI Acoustic Version~"    
4. "Green ~Instrumental~"    
Track Title Length
1. "HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ PV"    

Promo for "Green"