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Miscellaneous facts about our dearest YUI.


When YUI first went to Tokyo, she often took the wrong train.

YUI used to collect or is still collecting different sizes of Rirakkuma dolls because she read the Rirakkuma picture book.

YUI finished the whole series of Harry Potter during her 2 months stay in Hospital.

YUI's Spectacles

YUI wears contact lenses in her daily life, but she also has spectacles. Several pictures were found in former YUI drummer, Muta-chan's blog.

YUI's pets

She talked about her pets on FM Fukuoka YUI no Girl's Fight (2005.05.27), and she even asked her listeners to name her pets.
She had three turtles named after Doraemon characters "Nobita", "Tsuneo" and "Giant"; two golden fishes, some prawns and two marimos, Korosuke and Chibikoro. Whether any of them are still alive or not, we don't know.

YUI's guitars

- YUI has approximately 17 guitars and one bass.
- YUI has a specially made GA-45SCE which has her signature on the 5th fret and a turtle on the 19th fret.

- YUI borrowed a friend's guitar when she first started learning the guitar.

For more information, go to YUI's guitars page

YUI plays other instruments


She was featured playing piano in Thank you My Teens documentary and on to Mother PV

YUI playing piano TYMT.jpg


She has one bass[citation needed]


She showed her drummer skills on her live at Budokan.

She got the rhythm


She plays the shaker too... So talented!

YUI doing a shaker recording.

YUI likes sports

YUI has mentioned several times she likes to do sports. She played soccer when she was a kid[1], she played badminton and practiced running and long jump in school[2]; She has said she would like to practice surfing[3], and boxing if she was a boy.[citation needed]
Nowadays, she rides her bicycle, and do mountain downhill.[citation needed]

YUI's moles

She has noticeable moles on forehead, neck, right side of lower lip and beside her left ear.

Pictures needed.

YUI's earring

She wears earring on her right ear. She pierced it herself as some sort of a celebration in commemorate with the release of her debut single. She commented about it on YUI RADIO special #?? YUI only pierced one of her ear because she said she was too scared to pierce the other side.

YUI's hiatus

YUI took a one year hiatus after SUMMER SONG's release. After her comeback, she remained absent from TV appeareances and magazine interviews until she was featured in AERA Magazine on May 2010. Almost 2 years passed since her last oficial feature in PATi PATi magazine on September 2008. (Not really sure if that's the latest one)

She did all sort of things like going to New York with her mother and icchi; do sports and take her driving license[4]


—YUI's comment at livedoor