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Most of this article was written by Teo and posted on half-banana or YL forums.

Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha LS26 ARE II

Yamaha LS26 AREII.jpg

YUI can be seen playing this guitar in the 2012 "Cruising: How Crazy Your Love" live concert DVD.

Fender GA-45SCE

Fender GA-45SCE.jpg

YUI has a total of three GA-45SCE. She has a 'normal' one, one with her signature on the 5th fret and a turtle on the 19th fret and one with a round bridge.

Fender GA-45SCE (Sunburst)

Fender ESA-10CE

Fender ESA-10CE.jpg

Fender GDC-200SCE

Fender GDC-200SCE.jpg

Martin D-28 (1977)


Martin Guitars page
She dedicated one diary saying that she found some nice looking guitar in a second hand music instrument shop.
And then, in November 15 YUI Locks' Jyugyou no Hitokoto section, she mentioned how much she likes it, having finally discovered such a nice guitar. YUI said that the sound lasts longer, and the quality of the sound is different too. She has always liked the sound of it. Also said that the light finishing (painting) has a different kind of feel, it's wonderful. (Model was confirmed on Go!Go!Guitar February 2008)

Martin HD-28V (2007)

Martin HD-28V '07.jpg

Martin 000-28 CUSTOM 2010

Most similar model in the market is a 000-28V-CTM-EC-Style

YUI used it in SETSTOCK '10 at Hiroshima and probably other Summer festivals at that time. She also used it for her performance of Please Stay With Me.

Electric Guitars

Squier Standard Fat Telecaster : Candy Apple Red

Squier-Standard Fat Telecaster - Candy Apple Red.jpg

Fender page
YUI's first electric guitar. She got it around 12 April 2005[1]. Perhaps, the first guitar she bought using her own money. Featured in the cover of YUI's first album, FROM ME TO YOU.

Fender American Series Telecaster: Chrome Red


Fender page
This telecaster became one of YUI's favourite after she test played it for some music magazine. At first it was selected as sub-electric for YUI's Squier Standard Fat Tele, and then became YUI's main electric on her 1st concert tour. Specifications are the same as the original model, just the neck was modified to match YUI's hand. This guitar is used in Rolling star (PV, cover) and My Generation (PV). YUI used this guitar to record the solo in My Generation as well.

American Series Telecaster: 2-Color Sunburst, Maple Fretboard


According to Fender Japan[2], YUI picked this as the sub-electric guitar in her 2007 Spring & Jump tour.

Translations and extra links by Teo.

This model has mounted with Samarium Cobalt Noiseless Pickups. Even though there are other pickups such as Vintage Noiseless (on Eric Clapton model) which produces distinguishable edgy tone using Alvino (magnet), or Hot Noiseless (on Jeff Beck model) which produces this vibe middle range tone using Ceramic (magnet), dear YUI seems more interested in Samarium Cobalt's (magnet) classical devilish tone.

For Strat, YUI will use Super-Sonic amp, and for Tele, she'll make it sound using Twin Amp '01 (at home will be G-DEC). Right now instead of humbucker's distorted rough tone, perhaps she's more into single coil's overdrived bright tone? As expected, able to tell the difference (girl!). But it's the sound of classic rock which YUI likes.

Classic Series '50 s Stratocaster: 2-Color Sunburst

Classic Series '50s Stratocaster - 2-Color Sunburst.JPG

Fender page

YUI's first Stratocaster and she has a 'secret' history with this sunburst Strat. According to Fender's staff, one day YUI paid a visit to Fender's showroom for a magazine interview. After the interview, as usual, dear YUI had some chat with people around while strumming along her guitar. Suddenly YUI begin to run, then stopped in front of a Stratocaster, gazing upon it. "Ah, it's been a while", YUI recalled. This 2-color sunburst Stratocaster is the colour she longed for ever since she stepped in the music instrument store for the first time. Apparently she used to stand in the store, and kept on staring at this Strat back then. However after debut she became busy and forgotten about that long yearned Stratocaster. "Ah, it's been while, this is the one I want...." That Fender staff still vividly remembers YUI's expression when she said that while holding on that Stratocaster tight

This Strat was used in Rolling Star (the guitar YUI 'threw') and My Generation PV, and the cover of CAN'T BUY MY LOVE album.

Translations from Fender's staff blog by Teo
http://www.fender.jp/artist/detail.php?aid=fa_0111 This Strat was modified to suit YUI's taste. The neck of the guitar was changed to an original '57 V shape neck. The base of the neck was also re-coated with another layer of lacquer satin finish. In order to reproduce the classical tone, pick up was changed to Vintage type Texas Special. Bridge was also switched to USA Vintage type. Guitar body is alder with polyurethane finish, just like the original version

Classic Series '50 s Stratocaster: Black

Classic Series 50s Stratocaster - Black.jpg

Same model as prior's, this guitar was picked as YUI's sub-electric for her sunburst Strat in School Festival Tour 2006. Pick-up was changed CUSTOM SHOP Texas Special, and the neck was reshaped to match YUI's hand size. The rest is the same as original model. YUI used this guitar in LOVE & TRUTH performances.

New American Standard Telecaster - Candy Cola, Maple Fretboard

YUI's signature
American Standard Telecaster®, Maple Fretboard, Candy Cola.jpg

Interview in Fender's website

This guitar was used in covers of I LOVED YESTERDAY and Again. It has a silver YUI signature in one side.

Fender U.S.A Classic Player Jaguar Special HH Olympic White Enforcer


YUI used this this guitar in ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 09', 10', SETSTOCK'10, HIGHER GROUND'10 and Music Lovers.

Telecaster Thinline HH (1974)

Fender 72 Telecaster Thinline.png

YUI introduced this guitar in YUI Diary[3] before the beginning of her 4th tour.

Bass Guitars

Squier Bronco Bass Trino Red

Squier Bronco Bass Trino Red.jpg

YUI's Equipments

YUI's Equipments

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