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PATi PATi 2008.08 (Interview)

YUI, while still in the midst of her tour, released an all new single SUMMER SONG. As the title indicates, it is a light springy pop tune about ‘summer’. The sound is one which makes one feel like stretching, coupled with a sense of liberation as well. The wide sound range allows the pure emotions to be expressed through the lively melody, which brings out the anticipation of summer. The continuation Laugh away is a song about youth, and also about the budding romance in spring, which develops in summer. We talked with YUI about her summer experiences, as well as her tour of which the first half has been completed.




今村舞 (Imamura Mai) is currently YUI's drummer, member of e.u. Band. She was the drummer for SUPER EGG MACHINE from 2002 to 2005 when they disbanded.
Some notable artists she has worked with are KAT-TUN, MiChi, Melody, ゆず(Yuzu) and others.

She appears in the following YUI PVs: Rolling star, JAM, SUMMER SONG, I'll be, again, Never say die, It's all too much and GLORIA