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e.u. Band

e.u. Band members celebrating YUI's 23rd birthday
Background information
Origin Japan
Genres Jpop / Jrock
Labels gr8! Records
Website http://www.yui-net.com/4thtour2010/euband/
YUI, Kuro-chan, Backy, Maimai, Arisa Fujisawa
e.u. Band logo

e.u. Band is YUI's former band.

Secret lives reports

February 20th, 2009. A rumor started in a japanese blog. The person wrote he heard from "a schoolmate's boyfriend" that saw YUI performing secretly on a live house with a band called "e.u. Band".[1] The name of the live house was 両国FOURVALLEY. The bands scheduled that day were all published with the exception of one listed as "One more band".[2] Coincidentally, Hisashi Kondo posted a blury picture of a livehouse called 両国 the same day, but he didn't give further information about it.[3]
A second report was made of a second peformance in June 12nd at 熊谷のHEAVEN'S ROCK.[4][5]. The band members where presented as 今村舞さん(Imamura Mai-san), バッキーさん(Backy-san) and 黒ちゃんさん(Kurochan-san); and the setlist was:

1. Laugh away
2. 雨上がりの夜空に (cover)
3. Rolling star
4. I'll be
5. Love is all
6. again
7. Sea

Also, the day before, Hisashi Kondo posted a picture of Backy and Mai mai on a rehearsal, and seven songs can be spotted in the setlist on the floor[6]

The same list was presented later on ROCK IN JAPAN FES. '09, confirming the veracity of the rumors.
Nevertheless, official information about these performances was never made public.

Band members

Vocal, guitar: YUI
Guitar: Kurochan
Bass: Backy
Drums: Mai mai
Keyboard: Arisa Fujisawa

Live performances

Live at 両国FOURVALLEY (2009.02.20) (not confirmed)
Live at 熊谷のHEAVEN'S ROCK (2009.06.12) (not confirmed)
Live at ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2009 (2009.07.31)

TV appeareances

Live at ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2009 (2009.07.31) Performing "Love is All" (without Arisa)


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Original Source: http://www.half-banana.com/2009/06/rock-in-japan-fes-2009-and-i-appeared.html