Smart magazine 2006.02 (Interview)

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Translated by Teo

Smart 2006.02 1.jpg

Things you're good at?
Having the mindset to enjoy everything in life.

Things you're bad at?
If I'm focus on doing one thing, I cannot do other things.

Favourite brand of western styled clothes?
I don't really know much about it, wish to learn it from now on.

What things you wish to have now?
Amp and music equipments. And goods to protect against cold.

Favourite type of male?
Not really particular with that.

Around what age and what kind of person you wish to marry with?
Never really thought of that.

Fashion that you like and don't like?
Something you won't be affected??? I really have no idea.

Famous people who you think is stylish?
Don't have any particular ones.

What place you wish to go for a date during winter?
(something) live performance. Or movies.

Your favourite place?
The beach at Shinguu

Best CD of the year?
Oasis - Don't Believe The Truth

Best movie of the year?
Taiyou no uta.

Best book/ manga of the year?
Kaze hikaru, 20th Century Boys, buranko nori

My boom' (Things that you're obsessed with) of the year?
Hot milk.

Catchphrase/ buzzword of the year?
"wakaru, wakaruyo." (I get it, I really get it)

The most touching moment of the year?
The encounter with people, a very touching year.

What you plan to challenge on next year?
Music composition, making music, or read a lot of novels.

Words for the readers?
yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Smart magazine 2006.02 (YUIs items).jpg

The part on the right:

YUI: I think about the lyrics day and night, whenever I'm watching TV or reading magazines. Even when I'm talking with friends....I'll write down my thoughts, what I felt and so on.

Your favourite fashion style?
I sit down cross-legged playing guitar, hence I have lots of jeans.
But I don't really know much about fashion, I'll learn it from reading smart magazine (laughs).

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