Marquee magazine 2006.03.03 (Interview)

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Translate by Teo (I think)

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Q01. Who are you? (name, blood type, right eye's vision)
Name, YUI. Blood type, AB. Right eye's vision, around 0.1

Q02. Favourite colour?
For me it changes according to the seasons but, during colder period, warm colours, and hot times, cold colours。Depends on the condition.

Q03. Your favourite flower.
I like every flowers~ Tulip or something.

Q04. Your favourite season and your favourite period of time.
I prefer warmer season. I write music most of the time at night.

Q05. If you have to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
My pace.

Q06. Your favourite word.

Q07. Your favourite food.
Right now will be pudding.

Q08. The subjects or sports you once good at.
I was good in anything but study. Played badminton for 2 years.

Q09. Back then during classes, what would you do on free time?
I felt nervous most of the time.

Q10. What is the song you listen to it the most?
U2 - Stuck In The Momment That You Can't Get Out Of

Q11. Please tell us 3 of your recent favourite CDs.
James Blunt - You're Beautiful
The Corrs - Borrowed Heaven
The Cardigans - Life


Q12. Your favourite type of movie?

Q13. What is your mobile phone ring tone?
The Cardigans - Carnival.

Q14. Among all of your songs, please give us 5 of them which you like the most.

Q15. Who is your favourite actor or television personality?

Q16. Frankly, what is your favourite type of male?
Those who takes thing seriously (do things properly).

Q17. What is your favourite character/ personality?
It depends.

Q18. Please tell us the book you treasured the most, or if you have any favourite book.
The manga I had recently read will be Vagabond.

Q19. Please tell us what you've dreamt yesterday.
I was in a deep sleep, can't remember it.

Q20. If you became a guy for only a day, what you wanted to do the most?

Q21. If you can talk with cats (or dogs), what sort of topic you wish to talk with it?
I'll ask them regarding their territories.

Q22. 72000 thousand yen dropped from the sky. How will you spend it?
I will go to the police station.

Q23. When you were small, what you wished to do when you grown up?
The uncle who sells Takoyaki.

Q24. What was your very first ever memory in your life?
The starry sky I saw from the car.

Q25. Which place you wish to go and look around now?
Music instrument store.

Q26. What incident touched you the most recently?
The fact that a lot of people came and watch my tour concert.

Q27. Then, what about the failure you've done which you felt guilty the most? 
I let the 'deciding jump' pass away during tour.

Q28. Right now, when is the time where you can calm down yourself the most?
Playing guitar.

Q29: Musician: YUI, what is your recent theme?
Flat feelings. (フラットな気持ち).

Q30. Lastly, can you leave a message to the fans out there?
Those who came to the nation wide tour, thank you very much.
I really wish to held tour again~