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Translated by pandas who read this scare me

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When we talk about YUI we often think of the guitar too (actually says strong image but I think its more natural) however, this time you are playing the piano and it seems fresh right? (OK Im not going to a literal translation but a quick jist of it now... failXDD oh and you will get my thoughts in between some of the translations and it will not be complete so someone better help)


YUI:Actually at first it was made using the guitar (not surprising). After that I thought "how about we did it with a piano?" and so we tried a piano arrangement and it sounded awesome ( well actually its probably sounded good but it does sound awesome) and thats what we went with. (Again more literally thats the form it became)


So that's what happened. The title which literally means "to Mother", what was the thought process behind using this theme when writing the song?


YUI: Because up until now I am grateful for all the opportunities to make rock songs and also songs about supporting people, this time I looked carefully around me and thought about "what's important to me (important things that is close to YUI)" that's what I was thinking while making and writing the song. Of course Mothers are important people but its not just limited to the role of the mother (not sure about this part at all) I wanted to show the greatness (admirable qualities) of everything about mothers, this is what I wanted to convey.(that last bit was probably wrong just what I think it means). I would happy if people thought about important people or important things while listening to this song.

「やさしさって 残酷よね?」という表現も印象的でした。

The phrase "Kindness is so cruel, Isn’t it?" leaves a strong impression. (its very impressive)

YUI:サビで「悲しみって あたし一人だけなら耐えられるのに」と書いているんですけれども、すごく簡単なたとえをすると、自分の身近な大切な人が転んでどこかを打ってしまったりしたときに、見てる私も同じように「あ、痛い」って思ったりするし、相手が「悲しい」って思ったら「悲しい」って思う……そういうイメージがすごくあって。それが逆の立場になって、私が悲しいときには、相手まで悲しくなっちゃうなって。私ひとりだけならいいのに、やさしさがあることで、相手も同じ気持ちになってしまう……やさしさって、ときに残酷で、すごく大きなものだなっていうふうに感じたんですね。

In the chorus, the part where I wrote: "Sadness, I could stand it if I were alone" I'll give you a very simple example, When a precious person close to me happens to fall and has stricken somewhere, I, that i'm looking, think, to feel the same "Ah! that hurts". If the other person thinks "Sadness", I think "Sadness"(too)... There is really such an image. Then, in the oposite siuation, the other person will feel the same too... What we call kindness, sometimes it can become an enormous feeling of cruelty.

ほかにも、「憎しみって ささいなすれ違いでしょ?」という視点や、「悲しみって 寄り添えば何処となく 温かくて」「優しさって側にあればふと 甘えてしまうもの」など、ひとつの感情をいろんな角度から見ていますよね。

There is also, "Isn’t hatred Just a slight misunderstanding?" perspective, "Sadness is a thing If snuggled together,A thing of great warmth" and also parts like "Kindness is If it’s close to you Its taken advantage of"; from these parts of the song you can see one feeling from a variety of view points ne.


YUI: This time while writing the song, I thought i should be really honest. So, I tried to deal/face even with the trivial/small things properly.(basically make everything as close to perfect). Not just my feelings, if you just ---- (look, I'm guessing outwardly but I have no clue what it is) I thought "Even with this much love, why is there this much fighting" . I'll become(I became?) older and become calm (Tonight Tonight Tonight) (then something about shoulder,elbow I think arm, opening/strtching your arms and the good parts increase) I think you can see things more naturally than before.

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Are you and your mother "like-minded"(similar people) ?

YUI:似てると思いますね。怒るポイントが一緒です(笑)。波が一緒なんですかね? 似たもの同士だから衝突もするし。でも、自分がその部分を愛せたときに、相手のこともすごく愛せるようになるのかな? って思うんですけど……なかなか難しいですよね。

YUI: I think so. We even have the same angry point lol (no idea, either angry at the same points or the same gestures [edit- on music japan she said okoru tokoro as well so im guessing angry at the same things]) I wonder if we are on the same wave.(im totally guessing, my friend thought same wave length...) Since we are similar people there are also conflicts. But, when you love these points about yourself, you would also love your partner. This is what i think but..... its difficult to explain?


When writing the song, did you notice anything new? (trusting my friend not my fault if he is wrong)

YUI:物事ってだいたいそうだと思うんですけど、ひもがグチャグチャにからまっているように見えるときってあるじゃないですか? ほどこうとして力強く引っ張ると、逆にほどけなくなっちゃったりしますよね?

YUI:That's the the things i thought about but, isn't it the case ------ (God knows, when you look at the string entagled squidgy like thing? confused [my friend -maybe it means like 'to be in trouble or busy' or something]) If you try and untie by pulling strongly (string bit still), it has the adverse effect and becomes inextricable (unable to untie).


If you are bad at it, it will be regrettably torn...


YUI: Yeah thats possible lol. At that time if you calmly untie it, even though its difficult just try to untie it and you will find its just one piece of string. In the same way, things like human bonds/relationships, i think they are suprisingly simple.

愛し合える人が出来たの そんな日がくれば 変われるかな」のくだりは、ちょっとドキっとする表現ですよね。

"I have someone I can love now If that day were ever to come I wonder if I could change" In this line it seems you are a bit nervous about it. (expressed in a nervous way I think ドキっ is just ドキドキ no guarantee what so ever)

YUI:……そうかな(笑)? 理解し合ったりケンカしたりすることで、もっといろんなことを知ったり、許せたりして、そこでやっと余裕のある気持ちが生まれたりするのかな? って。理解してくれる人がいることで、「理解したい」という気持ちが生まれるのかな? って思いますね。

YUI:Lol Is that so...? (imagining another YUI awkward silence) When you understand things, fight, learn new things, forgive things, I wonder if feelings of allowance (forgiveness i think) can be born here? Thats what i was thinking.

「幸せよ / あなたが 居たんだから」と最後に歌っていますよね。これを言うために曲のすべてがあったようにも思うんですが、どうでしょうか?

"Happiness/ because I had you with me" is sang right at the end. It seems that the rest of the song is there in order to say this, why is it so? (just asking the importance of the last bit) YUI:どんなにケンカやいろんなことがあっても、結局たどり着くところはそこかなって。気づくまでに時間がかかってしまうこともあると思うんですけど、それだともったいないな、というか。もっと早くに気づけたらいいことって、たくさんあるなって思うんです。それを頭でわかっていても、心が違うときってもちろんあると思うんですけど、そう心がけたいなって思いますね。

No matter what fights and other things that might happen, in the end you will get/find that place. I think it does take some time to realise, but its a shame, that's what I was trying to show. I thought a lot about, wouldn't it be nice if we would realise earlier. Even though I know it in my head, of course there are times when my heart thinks different, however, -----(i think its something like that's the way the heart is)


Does your mum know about this this song?


YUI: ah, I think she does (probably being polite here there is no way YUI's mum wouldn't know)


Did she like it? (more literally was she pleased when she received it)


YUI: I haven't asked her thoughts on the songs yet lol. She said she heard it on the radio but ... (insert cute YUI pondering face)


During recording did anything out of the ordinary happen? (was there episodes that left an impression)

YUI:スタイリストさんがちょうど、出産したんですよ! ミュージックビデオの撮影日が、出産して1週間後だったんですけど、撮影の現場に来てくれたんです。曲のタイトルが『to Mother』だからぜひ、ということでお仕事を引き受けていただけて。ありがたいですし、うれしかったです。お母さんって、すごいですよね、パワフルで。

YUI: The stylist just gave birth! (same one she mentioned in YUI diaries) Even though we shot the music video a week after she gave birth she still came to the studio (well scene where they shot it). The title is "to Mother" that's why I was happy and grateful that she was able to work on it (or something like that). Mothers are amazing aren't they, so powerful.

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The coupling song "Tonight" is totally different type of song isn't it? (gives a different impression)


YUI: Because the first and second song are so different some people might be surprised lol. From the guitar rift, an image of sneaking out of a party feel was created (no idea what that means). It has a strong image of a live performance.


The 3rd song is the customary acoustic version. GLORIA is laid to its simplest form (bare bones according to google).


YUI:The acoustic version is the simplest form of the composition, because of this I think you can all the elements of the song are given out strongly. This time its the acoustic guitar and piano. When practising the acoustic guitar, things like "Ah! How should I play this? (I dunno, I kinda think its How about we play it like this) I would like it if you guys can hear various versions.


This year marks your 5th year since your debut. Since your debut, I think part of the axis hasn't changed (I'm guessing that YUI's motivation) but has anything changed in the way you face music now?


YUI: I think I want to face more challenges. I always create songs freely, I do things like imagining different things, but when making the tune "lets try this" "lets try that" and thats the challenge, while another image comes up (I think that's it, I don't know what ふくらむんですよね is). This happens and it builds up to alot of things I want to do.


What do you think of the fan's opinions?


When I stop or stumble they always help me. Im grateful and I really want to repay them. Words like "Go YUI" (literally I'm supporting can't think of a good translation so Go YUI will do) to me these words become really powerful. ( I know what I mean, source of YUI pawa)


Not matter how much I look at the official home page, there always are alot of comments in it. Even from the fans, it feels like they want to share their feelings to you.


YUI:Even with casual comments, I think "So this happened today" while reading. Not just the content, the comments themselves makes me happy. I want to continue receiving them.