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COZZi is a Japanese musician from Fukuoka, married to a singer called Nagai Mariko. Apparently both spent some time living in Australia. He has worked in this field for a long time and used to play the guitar in Mariko Nagai’s band. He provided a large number of songs to Nagai and was said to have influenced Nagai’s change in music style and the resulting complete switching of fan base.

COZZi at a concert in 1993

He worked for one of Sowelu's albums, whose producer was Nishio Toshihiko, director of music school VOICE.

Starting from the time of TOKYO. COZZi has written music for the following songs:

  • Ready to love
  • Blue Wind
  • I can't Say
  • Highway chance
  • No way
  • Daydreamer
  • I will love you
  • Let's face it

Hisashi Kondo commented about COZZi's work [Needs citation]

“Although we have only used 4 sound recordings from Creator COZZi, I believe that he would definitely be more active in Japan in future and I have rising expectations for him.”

When YUI first heard the demo for TOKYO, she thought, “The melody ties in well with the feelings I jotted down on my first day in Tokyo. Since the melody is from someone also from Fukuoka, it felt like a miraculous coincidence." [Needs citation]

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