B=PASS 2008.04 (Interview)

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Something interesting from YUI:

"You know, my mother, she called it 'Ba-Pass'."YUI told us.
Then YUI asked back, "What's Ba-Pass?"
"Isn't Ba-Pass the shorter form of Backstage Pass?"
"That's B-Pass, not Ba-Pass!" YUI corrected her mother.
Well, that's right, YUI's mum.

This time round, our photoshoot was based on the theme of "the atmosphere of YUI at home". What do you think of it? We borrowed a perfect mansion room in order to bring more reality to the photoshoot. We brought YUI from the lobby of the mansion to the door step, and when she opened the door, Pi-po-kun (a dog's name) came dashing towards her. (See page 22,23) YUI was surprised at it, but quickly carried and brushed its head, as she uttered, "What are you doing here?"

Pi-po-kun really likes to stick to people, and follows people as they leave and come. Even though there were 10 people in the room, it didn't show any signs of fear, and was really my-pace (free to do anything it wants). And because it was too my-pace, we brought it to another room while we were doing the photoshoot. And during the shoot, we connected YUI's iPOD to the speaker and listened to it as the background music. The whole room was in a cozy and relaxed mood.

And there were times when YUI revealed her mischievious side. In order to take the photos, the cameraman placed his lens near to his face, and even had to step out of the room to catch the entire angle (room). And the moment he stepped out, YUI tried to lock the cameraman out of the room!

But when it comes to the crunch time, YUI does perform well and seriously. The photoshoot ended well. And thereafter, Pi-po-kun was returned back, and it was YUI's turn for her photoshoot (of Pi-po-kun). But it couldn't keep still, so we had to wrestle with it (to make it keep still). Eventually we were able to take good photos with it, YUI's cameraman was really satisfied.