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Wuu wan is a gesture created by YUI in her show YUI RADIO back in 2007. It became her characteristic greeting and a trend among fans.

YUI wuu wan.gif




In YUI RADIO's special show #18, she got a letter from fans asking about her upcoming appeareance on the show Music Station were she would perform Rolling star

(Minute: 50:25)[1]

Shigezou: YUI san, on Jan 26th, it will be Music Station live broadcast.
YUI: !!
Shigezou: YUI san, next week, next friday....
YUI: Aiks, what should I do? I'll get nervous.
Shigezou: YUI san, when you're on Music Station, as YUI radio's representative, can you do something (what is aizou?) for us which only us can understand?
YUI: What shall we do then?
Shigezou: All of us (YUI radio listeners) will support you~ Are you going to be fine that day? ganbaruyo YUI san in Music Station!! We will follow you for sure! We'll stick in front of the TV that night. Wouldn't it be great if YUI san willing to do some easy-to-understand gesture for us?
YUI: Hmm what shall I do then? Wuu....wang!? Something like that?
Shigezou: Are you SURE that you can do it???
YUI: (waves hand) No way no way.
Shigezou: You really can do it?
YUI: Cannot, really cannot. So how?
Shigezou: Lets do that thing you just did again.
YUI: This is 'wang' right? wan wan~ Wu~wang!!
Shigezou: It'll be great if you can do that in ms (Music Station).
YUI: Little kids will surprised by it.
Shigezou: Little kids...even Tamori san (the host of ms) will be surprised by it.
YUI: Yea Tamo san will be surprised by it.
Shigezou: Just do something that you think you'll able to.


YUI: Ah found the wristband. What about putting on it?
Shigezou: bla bla bla
YUI: maji de? *mumbles* maji de? Seldom use this word but I used it.
Shigezou: (pretends to be the host) Next up will be YUI san's Rolling star~! *drum rolls*
YUI: *shows her hand* (minute 52:17)
Shigezou: That's impossible for you to do so.
YUI: Yeah it's just impossible. It's hard for me to play guitar as well.


Music Station 2007.01.26
YUI en Music Station 2007.01.26

YUI: So how?
Shigezou: What about waving hands?
YUI: *waves hand*
Shigezou: Wonder if the audience able to see or not...
YUI: *hums the intro of Music Station and waves her hand at the same time*
Shigezou: *hums along*
YUI: I'll be nervous for sure.
Shigezou: Then just wave your hands or something. Normally people will do that during intro right?
YUI: Oh really?
Shigezou: Normally what will you do? During the opening.
YUI: *hums the intro of ms* (53:09) pam!! sayonara~
Shigezou: So just waves your hand as hard as you can will be enough.
YUI: I'll put on it, then bye bye, something like konnichiwa, or konbanwa. If something like this I think I can do it.

Then, as she promised, she wore the wristband in the opening of Music Station; After that, in the performance you can see the white wristband on the headstock of YUI's Telecaster.
Even YUI's staff talked about it on YUI-net [2]


One month later, some fans mentioned about it again in YUI RADIO #20. (March 7, 2007).
Around minute mark: 47:30~52:40.

A fan sent a messgae asking YUI to do the wu~wang thing in the next ms. Then Shigezou san asked YUI to do the wu~wang thing again for the listeners who didn't have the chance to watch the previous YUI radio. (49:15)

And around that time there's a YUI short poem contest going on in YUI-net and the prize was the leftover Rolling star wristband. Shigezou suggested that do something with the wristband in ms just to commemorate it.

Then comes Music Station:

Music Station 2007.03.09

Other wuu~wan appeareances

  • Music Station 2008.07.11
  • there are more... help!

wuu~CROSS wan!

On Music Station 2010.06.04, for to Mother promotion, YUI came up with a new variant called CROSS wan.


On Music Station 2010.07.16, for her Please Stay With Me performance, YUI introduced the new variant called wuu~bang!


Introduced in Music Station 2011.01.21, for her It's My Life performance.


Introduced in Music Station 2011.06.03, for her HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ performance.

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